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Original title: A Shui Baolan Team An Wu Nian? ig spiritual home stealing is too classic, Nanfeng puff is very eye-catching

原标题:水宝兰队安无念? ig精神家偷东西太经典了,南丰粉扑很抢眼

With the passage of time, the LPL online tournament has started for a week. Looking at the LPL games these days, it is generally very exciting, with surprises and surprises. The four-game winning LPL rookie ES is in front of the EDG team. Stumbled, who can think of it? However, compared to the previous games, today's LPL three online games are more real. Netizens who follow the game know that RNG easily swept WE today, the Tiger Emperor of Spring is still in the same state, and LGD swept TES and won its first victory, which may be unexpected and reasonable. After all, LGD is not an ordinary team. Peanut's blind monk was blinded by the kick, and Casa has become the focus of everyone's heated discussion after the game. IG won RW 2-1, which is the most impressive today.

随着时间的流逝,LPL在线锦标赛已经开始了一周。纵观这些天的LPL游戏,它通常非常令人兴奋,令人惊讶。赢得四场胜利的LPL新秀ES在EDG团队面前。迷迷糊糊,谁能想到呢?但是,与以前的游戏相比,火狐app官方今天的LPL三款在线游戏更加真实。追随游戏的网民都知道,RNG轻而易举地席卷了我们今天,《春天的老虎皇帝》仍处于相同状态,LGD席卷了TES并赢得了首场胜利,这可能是出乎意料且合理的。毕竟,LGD不是一支普通的球队。花生的失明僧侣被踢踢蒙蔽了双眼,赛后卡萨已成为大家热烈讨论的焦点。 IG赢得了RW 2-1,这是今天最令人印象深刻的。

Of course, although we regret that we didn't see Shy take out skateboarding shoes again today, netizens have a new hot topic today, that is, IG's AD player PUff. Presumably for IG fans, after Jackeylove left IG, Puff and Nanfeng players moved to IG. Maybe people didn’t expect much from him at the beginning, but since he was put on the IG team, although he sometimes played more aggressively, but overall his performance with the new assisted bottom duo is still much higher than everyone’s. look forward to.


However, in today’s game between IG and RW, Puff players started to play again. From 0-2 in the opening match and 5-0 from AD Zhang Wuji, they collapsed. Finally, with the help of teammates, Puff also Carry, who lived up to expectations, got up, and finally turned the 0-2 data into 8-2, which was a gorgeous transformation. In the third game of the two sides, IG chose a lineup of BP that only they would think they could win, so that fans complained: IG is really a villain. Only they can play this style of play, and they are selected to have a fan mentality. I won’t say much about the process of the game, it’s an out-and-out professional chaos, and there are still back and forth.