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火狐app:布亚-图雷:来中国踢球实现儿时梦 我很想为华夏幸福拿冠军

The first stage of the 2020 Chinese Super League group match ended. The Hebei Huaxia Fortune Team, which was still struggling to relegation last season, finally stopped worrying about relegation this year. And this year's newly introduced foreign aid, the Swiss Super League Golden Boot MVP Buja-Touré also played very well last season. Especially in the key battle with Wuhan, he was the first to lead the team and helped the team lay the foundation for advancing into the championship group. What's more worth mentioning is that he came to the Super League and scored a total of 3 goals, all of which were scored in the face of Wuhan Zall, which is called Zallk. Recently, he revealed to the outside world his feelings after joining the Super League and his views on China in a special program.


Speaking of the life and death battle against Wuhan, Toure said


Careful fans discovered that Toure recently changed his hairstyle. Toure said about this: Chinese teammates told me that if you have been in a vicious circle before the game, you can change your fortune through your hairstyle. This is called cutting your mind. I think what they said makes sense. The match against Wuhan was a rare encounter of such an important match in my career, so I cut off my long lion-like hair and planned to face this match with a fresh image. Regarding the invention,


For his performance, Toure is actually not satisfied with the current data. He said that the three goals against Wuhan were actually accidental. I don't think I did well as a winger. The coach thinks that I am fast and flexible, so he put me in a position that he thinks is more suitable. I also follow the coaching arrangement. I think that only the coaching arrangement can help the team. I believe that every individual will follow the coach’s arrangement. Will be very close to victory.


When I first arrived in the team, the league had already started. At that time, I had not had time to play, but I could feel that the team was in a good condition and wanted to win the first game. The training quality of Huaxia Fortune is high. All players want to fight for the team, and they feel their desire for the first victory from the exchanges of coaches, staff, and players. No matter what position we are in, regardless of the upswing or downswing, the team has shown a very professional attitude and is full of desire for victory.


Speaking of his impressions of the Chinese Super League before coming to the Super League, Toure said: When I was a kid, I watched Chinese movies, and many movies have been spread to Sierra Leone. I thought it was a far-off Eastern country at the time. I wanted to see it. After I learned about the Chinese League, I thought that if I worked in China and stayed in China for a while, it would be the realization of my childhood dreams.


Speaking of the stars he likes, Toure said he doesn't have any favorite stars. Because when he arrived in Europe, he found that many players not only played well, but also worth learning in other aspects. For example, he wants to become a player like Henry, Eto'o, Drogba. Toure's style and size are different from them, but a lot can be learned from them. After slowly absorbing the idol's characteristics, Toure admitted that he has become the player he most wants to be.


Since Toure came to the team for more than 60 days, his biggest feeling about Suzhou is that he can enjoy different kinds of food here. For example, he felt great when the whole team ate hot pot together, because this was the first time he saw him. It was the first time I ate hot pot, he also liked it very much.


Toure did not play so well in the first game of China Fortune. He apologized to his teammates during the half-time against Guoan. Toure said: “My mistakes have caused bad results for the team. Football is a team activity. I don’t want my teammates and coaches to compensate me or be ashamed because of my failure to do the details. Personally, it will be hard for me. We are professional athletes. We don’t want to lose or make mistakes, and we don’t want to make the whole team bear the consequences because we didn’t do a good job. I’m not saying that after coming to China like this, I have experienced anything since childhood The club is like this.